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Pretty straight forward; an office that isn’t leased or conventional. This could be co-working, hot desking, flexible offices, managed offices, desk sharing etc.

Over the last 5 years or so, this sector of the commercial property market has blossomed, there are numerous strains of the sector, such as Hot Desking, Co-Working, Managed Offices and Serviced Offices, and from that, numerous brands to sift through.

We seek to work with all of the firms out there, companies such as Regus, The Office Group, WeWork, London Executive Offices, HuckleTree, The Brew, WimbleTech, Headspace, Central Working and the variety of others out there.
Much of the product offering will be similar, prices will vary, as well as license terms, ultimately driven by your businesses needs, and the environment you want to locate your office in.

Many of the firms will put on events to enhance your businesses as well as your life journey, and all of them are turnkey; (meaning, as soon as you sign a lease and pay, you can move in – subject to their availability).

Its our feeling that serviced offices are a very good first step in a companies development. You may pay a little more than leased premises, however the time lag to getting in is shorter, and the peripheral requirements needed in an office have already been thought about for you.

Come what may, if you feel this is the best initial route for your business or you’re considering this sector, then please get in touch and we’d be happy to go through it all with you. We gather all the data and options for you and then visit every property with you no matter how big or small, and provide impartial advice on one space versus another. Any guidance we provide is solely to benefit you and your companies growth.

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