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Conventional or leased premises. Full repairing, sub-let or lease assignment. If you’re not sure of the size of space you need, enter in a head count and we’ll calculate the square footage for you.

For those classed as start ups, the stage of a businesses growth that warrants moving to your own office space is an exciting time! It really shows clients, competitors, vendors and investors that you’re a business that works, and the garage no longer suits for client meetings.

Regardless of the stage your business is at, the decision to take your own office or growth space is never one that should be taken light. There is much to consider and be mindful of, but equally to be excited by.

Landlords for example will always seek the last three years of abbreviated accounts, they will always seek some form of deposit, whether that’s 3 months to as much as 12. When you take on an office you’ll be responsible for that space and all the costs that come with it.

If you’re at the stage that you are looking at us to help you, awesome and thank you! We’ve worked with a number of start up businesses and existing well established firms, and regardless, the process is exciting for all.

Rest assured you’ve picked the right partner. We’ll work with you and guide you throughout the entire journey making certain that we get you the right office at the right time in your businesses growth.

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