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Warehouses, light Industrial, manufacturing plants, industrial sites with acreage. Your industrial property search is more likely out in suburban areas. Points to consider are car parking needs, how much space do you need.

If you’re seeking this type of space, then you’ll typically be very clear on whats required, and the flavour of the property. Standard costs scenarios, in as much as rent, service charge and business rates, though these fee’s will be significantly less than the costs in a built up area. In some cases service charge will be limited as the space will unlikely be shared, and the costs will be your direct costs for the upkeep of the space.

If this is your first industrial premises; points to consider are car parking needs, how much space do you need for the equipment you are using? You’ll still likely need office premises – how many people do you need to house, as you may have a little more space allowance to play with? What forms of entrance to the the space do you require? Do you need crane mechanicals in the space? Do you require trenches in the space?

There will be numerous considerations, that we will work through with you, completing the contact form below will give us a sense of what you’re looking for, and then add illustration to when we get to meet you and discuss the premises you’re seeking.

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