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Real Estate Grapevine can help with your goal to find commercial property in the form of Serviced Offices, Leased Offices or Warehouses.

Select the type of search that you have and you’ll be taken to the contact form that will ask you for bits of information relevant to that search. Fill those bits in, (as they’re useful) and we’ll get in touch as soon as possible.

If however, your needs are for a different commercial property requirement, then head to the bottom of the page and select a general enquiry or give us a call. If you’re looking for retail, leisure, property development or other commercial property need, please get in touch as we can still serve those requirements.

Come what may, once you have filled in the relevant bits of information for the search you require we will be in touch as soon as possible to discuss and set up an appointment… we’re strict believes in meeting those we work with so that you can vet us, and to an extent, we can vet you. This also gives us an opportunity to go through how we work, fee’s and all that other stuff that’s fairly important when you select an agent to represent your property needs.

Pretty basic stuff, and if all of that works for you, then we’d love to hear from you, and love even more to serve you and your property needs. It’s worth pointing out, that we’re not limited to any one particular location. Wherever your business needs to be is where we can find you space.

We’re Proud To Be Trusted By…

A true professional who I would recommend highly to any organisation that is looking for the best deal in commercial real estate.
Loida Levy, Director Global Facilities , VeriFone, Inc.
Thank you Ben for your help finding us the right serviced office. We viewed so many properties, all with different strengths, but with Real Estate Grapevine’s help definitely found the right office for us.
John Wallace, Chief Executive, DBW Global, Sports Agents
Ben was incredibly helpful and proactive throughout our search for office space. Unlike most agents, we really felt Ben was acting in the best interests of us, not the landlord.
Sami McCabe, CEO Clarity PR