Other Branches

Whilst the three core needs of taking on any commercial premises will be the legal component, communications and then the fit out, we also recognise that there are numerous other requirements that a company will have whilst residing in an office space.

You may need one off repairs. You may need a room splitting in two to accommodate growth. You may need walls removed. You may additionally need Cabling requirements, AV Equipment, adjustment needs that wouldn’t require the services of a fit out company.

You will need insurance, you will need cleaning services. You may need facilities management, you may need printing services, you may even need financial help…

Recognising that there are a myriad of things that could be required at some stage in the leasing of an office space or commercial unit, we’ve additionally tried to work with

companies that will help you in these times. We’ve tried to anticipate all the potential eventualities, so that when you are in need, you won’t need to turn to a search engine , clicking and hoping you get a good level of service. As could be expected, we’ve applied the same principles of selection to the three core branches of securing a premises, to that of these extended branches, so that hopefully you’ll want for nothing in managing your office, and can focus purely on growing your business.

Over and above the services that would aid in the running of an office, we’ve also partnered with residential property agencies such as Alex Goldstein, Commercial agencies internationally such as The Square Foot as well as Hubble, a firm that can aid in smaller office searches, as well as letting desks in your current office if the need and space arise.

We do from time to time work on property development needs, and so if you are looking for an opportunity, or have one you need to release to the market, please feel free to get in touch so that we can discuss the project; ultimately a conversation costs nothing…

In the end, and why we created the Real Estate Grapevine, was that we wanted to make sure there was no stone unturned within the commercial property sector, so that as a tenant in whatever capacity – serviced offices, leased offices or warehouse needs you are looked after to the nth degree, allowing you to focus on what you do best, and not worry too much about where your business lives.

Our Partners