Within any leasing transaction, we will always recommend working with a solicitor. If this isn’t your first office, then you may have legal representation, and that works nicely for us, however if this is your first commercial property, then we have worked with a clutch of good solicitors at various levels that will serve you well.

Things to be mindful of… Fees will vary on the size of premises you are agreeing too. Timing, the lease completion process is not an overnight turn around. Much will depend on parties on either side of the agreement and the speed in which they respond to enquiries. Rule of thumb however is between 6 – 12 weeks to complete on a premises. Searches, are always an option, however in order to make sure you have the correct rate, and we have done what we’ve set out to do, its always worth taking this service from your legal representative.

There are obviously other items that come up when we get to this stage, but the team at Real Estate Grapevine will be there all the way through the process to help, guide and assist where applicable.

Our Legal Partners