Fit Out

Of the three core components of The Vine, Fit Out can be one of the larger cost centres, short of taking the office space itself. It’s fairly obvious to state also that fit out costs will infrequently be applicable within serviced offices – though it can be done, most conversations are with approved firms that the serviced providers have (much like us) identified to build their brands, and will follow those guidelines.

If you’ve determined that you’d like to fit out your new premises, then its worth noting that the lowest cost that an office fit out might (but rarely does) cost could be £25 per square foot. If one is being realistic, then the per square foot cost really commences around £35 and increases from there dependent on the level of quality that you want in the premises.

We’d also advise that fitting out a premises is not a necessity when taking on an office. If this is your first office, then we’d be inclined to advise completely against doing it – in many cases due to your firm growing, and the logic of sinking large amounts of hard earned money into something you could move out of within a couple of years.

All that said, when you are certain that fitting out the premises is the route; we have partnered with some of the best and most progressive firms in the industry, that will work closely with you through your fit out, and what can be as an exciting experience as taking the office in the first place!

Our Fit Out Partners