The Vine

We won't leave you in the dark after finding your perfect property. Our additional concierge services will make light work of legalities, IT & telecoms, fit-out and more with the help of our carefully selected and trusted partners.

The name of our commercial property consultancy has never been an accident. Whilst we were on the other side of the divide in the US, we found significant use in the extended network that brokers came with, though much of that service was driven by the size of the property we sought.

In a light bulb moment, and the foundation of our firm, we developed The Vine, or Real Estate GrapeVine. Whilst we apply the 20 or so years of expertise to seeking and securing the right property at the right time for your business; we’ve applied the same expertise to selecting partner firms that you can use in order to make sure the office is set up for your needs in the right fashion, at the right cost, and at the right time.

Ultimately you’re more than welcome to use your friend of a friend to help, but if your friend of a friend is entrenched in commercial property, who better to weed out the right service providers?

The aim here is to keep them honest, and serve you in the same way we will whilst we find your commercial property.

We’ve taken the time to select some choice firms that we like working with in various sectors of the market. Core to any leased premises will always be solicitors, IT/ Telecom companies and Fit Out companies. However if you need a Handy Man, contractor or other relatable services, then you’ll see that there are other friends that we have brought into The Vine to serve you.

Our Partners